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General Papers

Proceeding of The Eighth World Congress “AVIATION IN THE XXI-st CENTURY - Safety in aviation and space technology'' (title) PDF
Roman Gazdiuk

1.2. Modern technologies of aircrafts airworthiness support

Initial considerations for the multi-optional doctrine implementation to the aircraft airworthiness support effectiveness estimations PDF
Andriy Viktorovich Goncharenko
Considerations for the aeronautical engineering degrading state probability determination PDF
Andriy Viktorovich Goncharenko
Aeronautical engineering degrading state maximal probability determination as a proof for the hybrid-optional functions entropy conditional optimality doctrine application PDF
Andriy Viktorovich Goncharenko
Multi-optional doctrine with the uncertainty degree evaluation for the aircraft airworthiness support technologies PDF
Andriy Viktorovich Goncharenko

1.4. Modern tribotechnologies in aircraft and general purpose mechanical engineering

The Bayes’ formula in terms of the multi-optional uncertainty conditional optimality doctrine PDF
Andriy Viktorovich Goncharenko

1.5. Engines and Power Installations

Analysis of Cooling of Electric Motor by Radial Fan; Realization of the Experimental Analysis of CFD PDF
Gurkan Ortamevzi, Ibrahim Emre Gunduz
Axial compressors air bleeding schemes of gas-turbine engine PDF
Igor Kinaschuk, Mykhailo Kinaschuk, Ivan Gvozdetskiy

2.3. Information technology and systems in the aviation industry

Negative Ions in Space Exploration PDF
Leonid Gretchikhin
The process of computer modeling of the recommendation system for news content PDF
Olena Gavrilenko
Comparative analysis of TEXT MINING algorithms for identifying agitation data PDF
Olena Gavrilenko, Yuri Oliynik, Hanna Khanko
Multipurpose use of the pipeline-liquid system in the nonlinear range of perturbations PDF
Valeriy Gavrilenko, Oleg Limarchenko, Oksana Kovalchuk

3.1. Information Security Management

Information-psychological impact detection and identification as a basis for counteracting information aggression PDF
Vladyslav Hriha, Iryna Shchudlyk, Andrii Gizun
The problem of information-psychological impact evaluation in the modern studies of information warfare PDF
Bogdan Kobilnyk, Iryna Shchudlyk, Andrii Gizun

3.2. Information & Communication Technologies Security

Approach to Increase Speed for Deterministic Protocols of Quantum Cryptography PDF
Sergiy Gnatyuk

4.1. Computer systems

Architecture of a neural network for finding initial approximation in hydrodynamic problems PDF
Olexiy Glazok
Formalization of the diagnostic problem of cancer in automated systems PDF
Yurii Yuriiovych Golovach

4.3. Mathematical modeling and numerical methods

Disjunctive Permutations and their Applications PDF
Olexandr Glukhov, Tetiana Oleshko

5.4. Avionics and control of complex systems

Robust control of system with nonorthogonal MEMS arrays PDF
Olha Sushchenko, Natalia Novytska, Yurii Bezkorovainyi, V Golitsyn

6.1. Micro- and Nanoelectronic Devices and Systems

Formation of Ultrashort Pulses of THz Range in Narrow- Gap Semiconductors PDF
Vladimir Grimalsky

7. Environmental Protection

Performing the optimization of compressed air specific consumption depending on the defining dimensionless structural and operating parameters of the motor-car pneumatic motor PDF
Oleksandr Voronkov, Diana Glushkova, Igor Nikitchenko, Eduard Teslenko, Artem Nazarov
Monitoring of electromagnetic environment at the civil aviation aerodromes PDF
Valentyn Glyva
Cleaning of mineralized water PDF
Daria Romas, Inna Trus, Nikolay Gomelya

9. Aviation Chemmotology

Additives to the diesel fuel on the basis of petroleum acids PDF
Olena Kosenko, Antonina Kustovska, Viktoria Gorstka

12. Transport Technology and Logistics

Development of Ukrainian logistics system in the conditions of the circular economy PDF
Lidiia Savchenko, Mariia Grigorak

13.2 Psychology of aircraft safe operation and modern ergatic systems

Entropy methods of human factor analysis applied to the problem of safety of aviation PDF
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kasianov, Andriy Viktorovich Goncharenko
Problem of pedagogical technologies of technological going near educating PDF
Svitlana Gejchenko, Inna Sky`dan, Mykolay Vely`chenko
Liubov Vitaliivna Pomytkina, Olesya Vasiliivna Girchuk, Eduard Alexandrovish Pomytkin
Approximation algorithm of criterial estimate of psychophysiological state of the operator of technological processes of enterprises PDF
Vadym Dmytrovych Gulevets

13.3 Social, political, moral and psychological components of aviation safety. Human factor management.

Svetlana Grynyuk, Juka Havu
The Human Factor in the Aviation Activity of P.M. Nesterov PDF
Volodymyr Grebennikov
The role of the suggestive technologies in the educational process of future aviators PDF
Svitlana Vasylivna Kharytska, Nataliia Viktorivna Glushanytsia

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