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1.5. Engines and Power Installations

New directions and approaches to improve the efficiency of air propellers PDF
Fedir Ivanovich Kirchu, Hussein Hanesh
New method of tip losses reduction in thrusters ducted fan type based on the acoustic resonators separation flow control PDF
Mykola Bogdanov, Fedir Kirchu, Hussein Hanesh

2.3. Information technology and systems in the aviation industry

New information coefficients of vibration signals for technical condition monitoring in rotating electric power machines PDF
Valerii Fedorovich Hraniak

2.4. Intelligent robotic systems and measuring systems

Research of hard-to-reach areas at geodetic works PDF
Oksana Oleksandrovna Lugovyh, Yurij Oleksandrovich Podchashinskiy, Artem Sergeevich Hurtin
Intelligent monitoring of cardiograms PDF
Vadim Horban, Serhii Holub

3.1. Information Security Management

Information-psychological impact detection and identification as a basis for counteracting information aggression PDF
Vladyslav Hriha, Iryna Shchudlyk, Andrii Gizun

4.3. Mathematical modeling and numerical methods

Implementation of the method of boundary integral equations in boundary value problems of gasdynamics PDF
Yuriy Aleksandrovich Krashanitsa, A Hoshmandi, A Hoshmandi, N Hristenko, N Hristenko

5.4. Avionics and control of complex systems

Engineering-psychological problem of flight safety in case of failures in avionics PDF
Yurii Hryshchenko, Elizabeth A. Starchenko

7. Environmental Protection

The impact of aviation and rocket-space technology on the ozone layer: causes of destruction and recovery methods PDF
Iryna Bida, Anastasia Kononenko, Viktoriа Prokopchuk, Maryna Savchuk, Liusia Teleniuk, Vasyl Vasilievich Horupa

12. Transport Technology and Logistics

The quality and efficiency of the use of the air traffic controlled airspace PDF
Olena Solovyova, Iryna Herasymenko

13.2 Psychology of aircraft safe operation and modern ergatic systems

Methods for increasing the distress tolerance of students of public high schools for the extreme future professions PDF
Vitaliy Hliebov, Oleksandr Podliesnyi, Volodymyr Bobr

13.3 Social, political, moral and psychological components of aviation safety. Human factor management.

Svetlana Grynyuk, Juka Havu

14. Problems of development of the modern airport

Calculation of losses from rainfall falling in the design of culverts and drainage systems on highways PDF
Yulin Yu He
Designing traffic distribution for non-signal intersection of transport interchanges in one level in the central business districts of the city PDF
Yulin Yu He

15. Air and Space Law: International and National Issues of Security

Implementation of ICAO standards as a condition for the development of modern regulatory provision of the domestic aviation industry PDF
Svitlana G. Holovko

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