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1.2. Modern technologies of aircrafts airworthiness support

Conceptual approaches to the design of aircraft maintenance system educational ontology PDF
Alexander Vladimirovich Rugain

2.3. Information technology and systems in the aviation industry

Computer aided modeling of foundry processes at Motor Sich PJSC PDF
K. Balushok, V. Raschupkin

2.4. Intelligent robotic systems and measuring systems

Design of low frequency bandwidth filter with high selectivity PDF
Andrii Rudyk

3.2. Information & Communication Technologies Security

The application of discrete wavelet transform for forecasting the operational load of the Web server of the distance education system PDF
Liudmyla Tereikovska, Kostiantyn Radchenko, K Kharlamov

3.4. Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

Structure of the method of estimating the consequences of the leakage of state secrets from cyber attacks to critical information infrastructure PDF
Yurii Dreis, Alexander Korchenko, Olga Romanenko

7. Environmental Protection

The impact of airports on visual safety of environment PDF
Margaryta Radomska
Cleaning of mineralized water PDF
Daria Romas, Inna Trus, Nikolay Gomelya

10.3. Information and legal foundations of international relations

Startegic prognostication in the American foreign policy PDF
Nina Rzhevska
Semantic differences in Japanese mimetics PDF
Dariia Rzhevska

10.4. The aviation and the tourism

The low cost aviation carriers impact on modern tourism PDF
Maryna Rudnieva

12. Transport Technology and Logistics

Application of Bayesian Method into a Mathematical Model for Airline Route Planning, Evaluation and profit maximization PDF
Liudmyla Victorovna Androshchuk, Aidan Rooney
Application of certain Human Factors criteria to the actual aircraft maintenance engineers operational duties in aviation transport PDF
Viktoriia Ivannikova, Aidan Rooney

13.1 Language modeling of aviation information systems

Peculiarities of the professional communication in bilingual aviation space PDF
Natalia Romanchenko

13.2 Psychology of aircraft safe operation and modern ergatic systems

Contingent Factors of Physical Activity of the Person in The Problem Field of Physical Education PDF
Ivan Vrzhesnevskyi, Aleksandr Vankov, Tetiana Rakytyna, Lilia Shyp

14. Problems of development of the modern airport

Modern trends in the development of the international hub airports. PDF
Іryna Іvanova, Yuriy Rubanov, Kyryl Astakhov
Sensitivity quantification of airfield rigid pavement stress responses using “Aerodrom 380” program PDF
Oleksandr Rodchenko

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