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1.1. Automation and energy saving on aviation transport

Wavelet-based algorithm for detection the node faults of aviation engine PDF
Serhii Tovkach, Serhii Yenchev
Mathematical optimization model of avionics PDF
Serhii Vasylyovych Yenchev
Dynamic model of estimation of fail-safe feature boothing ergatic interface PDF
Serhii Vasylyovych Yenchev

1.2. Modern technologies of aircrafts airworthiness support

Influence of the New Paperless Maintenance Procedures on the Continuing Airworthiness Personnel Training PDF
Volodymyr Oleksiyovych Maksymov, Olena Ivanivna Yurchenko

1.3. Aircraft fatigue and fracture

Crack length distribution model for fatigue damage PDF
Sergey Ignatovich, Sviatoslav Yutskevych, Volodymyr Krasnopolskii
The matter of aircraft structure corrosion damage classification PDF
Sviatoslav Yutskevych, Sergiy Khiznyak, Vadim Zakiev

1.4. Modern tribotechnologies in aircraft and general purpose mechanical engineering

Analysis of the changes in the load-bearing capacity of lubricating layers of lithium greases at contact load changing PDF
Oleksandr Yakobchuk
The study on tribological properties of Co-TiC powder alloys PDF
Oleksandr Tisov, Alina Yurchuk

2.4. Intelligent robotic systems and measuring systems

The development of a differential-digital method for precision measurements of the geometric parameters of aviation details PDF
Mariia Kataeva, Alina Yurchuk, Volodymyr Kvasnikov
Intelligent monitoring of cyber attacks PDF
Sergiy Andriyouvich Yemelyanov

3.2. Information & Communication Technologies Security

Mathematical model of hybrid crypto code constructions on damaged codes PDF
Serhiy Yevseiev, R. Korolev

10.3. Information and legal foundations of international relations

Modern approaches to cybercrime classification in international law PDF
Marta Yurivna Yatsyshyn
Institute of international individual criminal responsibility PDF
Vladyslav Yarmolenko

10.4. The aviation and the tourism

Strategies of modern airlines that can attract new customers PDF
Vladyslava Yeremeieva, Radmila Krapyva

12. Transport Technology and Logistics

Unmanned aerial system for agricultural PDF
Gennadiy Yun, Kristina Marintseva

13.1 Language modeling of aviation information systems

Translation procedures, strategies and methods of aviation terminology PDF
Galyna Yencheva, Olha Katerna

13.2 Psychology of aircraft safe operation and modern ergatic systems

Informal communication system and personal fulfillment in scientific and technical activities PDF
Lada Saveliivna Yakovytska
Profiling as a method of aviation security: a comparative analysis of such experience in Israel and USA PDF
Valeriya Yudina

13.3 Social, political, moral and psychological components of aviation safety. Human factor management.

Tetiana Sergiivna Klynina, Olga Andriivna Yurchenko, Iryna Valentynivna Boginskaya
Aviation Infrastructure: Human Factor vs Automation PDF
Serhii Yahodzinskyi, Ivan Skyba, Natalia Chenbaj, Anna Erovenko

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