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1.3. Aircraft fatigue and fracture

The matter of aircraft structure corrosion damage classification PDF
Sviatoslav Yutskevych, Sergiy Khiznyak, Vadim Zakiev

2.4. Intelligent robotic systems and measuring systems

Computerized systems of continuous monitoring of the technical condition of bridge constructions PDF
Roman Mykolajowych Zapotochnyi, Volodymyr Pavlovich Kvasnikov

3.2. Information & Communication Technologies Security

Gulnur Zhangissina

4.1. Computer systems

Information flows optimization in a multi-profile training center based on a local wireless computer network PDF
Volodymyr Morzhov, Igor Zhukov

5.3. English in science and engineering: modern challenges

How to motivate students to study English language for professional purposes PDF
Nataliia Zelinska

5.4. Avionics and control of complex systems

New way of transfer of ownership on intellectual property objects of Avionic based on Blockchain technology. PDF
Oleksandr Oleksandrovich Zakrevskyi, Vladimir Mihaylovich Zemlyanskiy
Laser Measurement Device for Air – Speed (LMDAS) parameters of Aircraft PDF
Vladimir Mihaylovich Zemlyanskiy
Laser flowmeter for optically active liquid-lubricant materials PDF
Vladimir Mihaylovich Zemlyanskiy

6.1. Micro- and Nanoelectronic Devices and Systems

Research of a capacitive distance sensor to grounded surface PDF
Evgeniy Zaitsev

7. Environmental Protection

Detailed flight operation data for accurate aircraft noise assessment PDF
Oleksandr Zaporozhets, Larisa Levchenko
Oleksandr Zaporozhets, A.Jagniatinskis A.Jagniatinskis, B.Fiks B.Fiks, M.Smiesek M.Smiesek, A.Chyla A.Chyla, M.Bukała M.Bukała
PARE preliminary analysis of ACARE Challenge 3 environmental impact goals (towards quiter and cleaner environment in aviation sector) PDF
Oleksandr Zaporozhets, Volodymyr Isaienko, Kateryna Synylo, L.Campos L.Campos, Joana Soares
Risk methodology as a tool for aircraft noise assessment and control PDF
Oleksandr Zaporozhets, Larisa Levchenko, Boris Blyukher

10.1. International economic cooperation of Ukraine in the aviation and space fields

Opportunities for integration of aircraft and spacecraft industry into global value chain PDF
Oksana Mykolaivna Kushnirenko, Olga Stanislavivna Zarudna

10.3. Information and legal foundations of international relations

International terrorism in the conditions of globalization: modern challenges PDF
Yuriy Voloshyn, Alina Zamula

13.1 Language modeling of aviation information systems

Awareness of phraseology as a key safety factor in the aviation environment PDF
Alla Zasluzhena, Iryna Soroka
Human Factor in Translation of Aviation Scientific and Technical Literature PDF
Gabriele Simoncini, Tetiana Zhuravel, Nataliia Khaidari

13.2 Psychology of aircraft safe operation and modern ergatic systems

Connection between stressresistance and psychological endurance o f aviation specialists PDF
Viktoriia Zlahodukh

13.3 Social, political, moral and psychological components of aviation safety. Human factor management.

Aviator Ievpraph Kruten: known and unknown pages of his life and career PDF
Oleg Zaharchuk

17. ICAO Safety Strategies

Human Factor in Aviation Security PDF
Tetiana Zagnii

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