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1.1. Automation and energy saving on aviation transport

Complex alternative source of electrical energy PDF
Mykola Kravchuk, Tetiana Kravchuk
Methods of runway overrun prevention PDF
Vasiliy Kazak, Dmitriy Shevchuk, Vasiliy Shulevka, Leonid Panchuk

1.3. Aircraft fatigue and fracture

Method for the examination of corrosion preventive compounds influence on the friction in riveted aircraft joints PDF
Mikhail Karuskevich, Tetiana Maslak, Sergey Shchepak, Oleksandr Linnik
Crack length distribution model for fatigue damage PDF
Sergey Ignatovich, Sviatoslav Yutskevych, Volodymyr Krasnopolskii
The matter of aircraft structure corrosion damage classification PDF
Sviatoslav Yutskevych, Sergiy Khiznyak, Vadim Zakiev

1.4. Modern tribotechnologies in aircraft and general purpose mechanical engineering

Tribological investigations of single and multi-layer composite electrolytic coating PDF
Miroslav Kindrachuk, Anatolii Kornienko, Svitlana Fedorchuk
Мechanics of long-length space steel ropes taking into account a friction between coils PDF
viktor Kravtsov
Tribological interaction of the ferromagnetic surface and its existence conditions in a pulsed magnetic field PDF
Andrey Khimko

1.5. Engines and Power Installations

New directions and approaches to improve the efficiency of air propellers PDF
Fedir Ivanovich Kirchu, Hussein Hanesh
Axial compressors air bleeding schemes of gas-turbine engine PDF
Igor Kinaschuk, Mykhailo Kinaschuk, Ivan Gvozdetskiy
New method of tip losses reduction in thrusters ducted fan type based on the acoustic resonators separation flow control PDF
Mykola Bogdanov, Fedir Kirchu, Hussein Hanesh
Express evaluation of technical condition of gas turbine engines PDF
Mykola Kulyk, Volodimir Kozlov, Larysa Volianska, Anatoliy Moroz, Kyrylo Torhov
The experimentally investigation of the processes of supplying the liquid to the chamber with countercurrent PDF
Mikhail Katrenko, Arkadiy Panchenko

2.1. Methods and facilities of technical and medical diagnostics

Intellectual Technologies in Industry and Aerospace Complex PDF
Aleksandr Evgenovych Kolosov, Volodymyr Ivanovych Sivetskii, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych Vanin, Elena Petryvna Kolosova, Aleksandr Leonidovich Sokolskii, Igor Igorovych Ivitskiy
Aspects of Intellectualization of Polymer Composite Materials PDF
Aleksandr Evgenovych Kolosov, Volodymyr Ivanovych Sivetskii, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych Vanin, Elena Petryvna Kolosova, Aleksandr Leonidovich Sokolskii, Igor Igorovych Ivitskiy
Measuring system for non-destructive control of metal bars. PDF
Ольга Олексіївна Кривокульська, Dmitry Ornatsky, Olena Bliznjuk, Valerian Khryapa

2.2. Automated process control systems

Measurement of airplane alignment in flight mode PDF
Anatoliy Kozlov
Sensitivity analysis of a quadcopter robust control systems to the wind disturbance PDF
Oleksii Oleksandrovych Kizitskyi

2.3. Information technology and systems in the aviation industry

Comparative analysis of TEXT MINING algorithms for identifying agitation data PDF
Olena Gavrilenko, Yuri Oliynik, Hanna Khanko
Multipurpose use of the pipeline-liquid system in the nonlinear range of perturbations PDF
Valeriy Gavrilenko, Oleg Limarchenko, Oksana Kovalchuk

2.4. Intelligent robotic systems and measuring systems

The methods of functional analysis and the principles of diagnostic of stress-deformed condition of construction structures PDF
Lyudmyla Kuzmych
The development of a differential-digital method for precision measurements of the geometric parameters of aviation details PDF
Mariia Kataeva, Alina Yurchuk, Volodymyr Kvasnikov
Computer simulation of a concentrated light curve from LED source PDF
Nataliya Kulik
Improved accuracy of radiological measurements in test laboratories PDF
Dmitriy matvienko, Volodymyr Pavlovich Kvasnikov
Computerized systems of continuous monitoring of the technical condition of bridge constructions PDF
Roman Mykolajowych Zapotochnyi, Volodymyr Pavlovich Kvasnikov
Software Product Development Agile Technologies PDF
Victor Yurevich Kotetunov

3.1. Information Security Management

Converting intervals into triangular fuzzy numbers for information security risk assessment systems PDF
Maryna Kolomiiets, Oleksandr Korchenko, Svitlana Kazmirchuk, Berik Akhmetov
The problem of information-psychological impact evaluation in the modern studies of information warfare PDF
Bogdan Kobilnyk, Iryna Shchudlyk, Andrii Gizun
Zhanna Volodymyrivna Kudrytska, Olena I Klimova, Oksana Volodymyrivna Aparova

3.2. Information & Communication Technologies Security

Formation of linguistic standards for of intrusion detection systems PDF
Anna Korchenko
Distributed Ledger Blockchain and its application PDF
Anton Kulikovskyi
The application of discrete wavelet transform for forecasting the operational load of the Web server of the distance education system PDF
Liudmyla Tereikovska, Kostiantyn Radchenko, K Kharlamov
Mathematical model of hybrid crypto code constructions on damaged codes PDF
Serhiy Yevseiev, R. Korolev

3.4. Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

Structure of the method of estimating the consequences of the leakage of state secrets from cyber attacks to critical information infrastructure PDF
Yurii Dreis, Alexander Korchenko, Olga Romanenko

4.1. Computer systems

Backstepping algorithm for controlling non-linear objects PDF
Dmytro Kucherov, Dmytro Kucherov

4.3. Mathematical modeling and numerical methods

Computer simulation techniques for solving the tasks of optimal design of aerospace composite structures PDF
Andrii Kondratiev
On some boundary properties of conformal mappings of simply connected domains PDF
Olena Karupu
On some aspects of modeling of professional activity of future aviation engineer in teaching of mathematical disciplines in multinational groups PDF
Olena Karupu, Tetiana Oleshko, Valeria Pakhnenko
Mathematical modeling of the visibility range of the aerodromie fires of the light-signal systems from the meteorological visibility range in MatLab environment PDF
Yuliia Kvach
Implementation of the method of boundary integral equations in boundary value problems of gasdynamics PDF
Yuriy Aleksandrovich Krashanitsa, A Hoshmandi, A Hoshmandi, N Hristenko, N Hristenko
Perspective morphing-based technology of improvement the aerodynamic properties of wind turbine blades PDF
Andrii Stanislavovich Kryzhanovskyi, Yevhenii Oleksiyovich Shkvar

5.1. Navigation and air traffic management

Network Analysis of Crew and Air Traffic Controller Actions in Case of Engine Problems on Multi-engine Aircraft during Take-off PDF
Nikolay Vladimirovich Kasatkin, Yuliya Vladimirovna Sikirda
Concept of monitoring complex of radio signal environment in the airdrome area PDF
Eduard Kovalevskiy, Vasyl Kondratiuk, Svitlana Ilnytska

5.4. Avionics and control of complex systems

Estimation of conflict resolution ways between aircrafts and convectively unstable atmosphere PDF
Alisa Kovalova
Theoretical analisys of comparison of modern characteristics and parameters natural light for improving electrical current from perspective solar panels civil aircrafts PDF
Dmytro Koryahin, Oleksandr Sitnik

6.3. Electronics in Biomedical and Cryptographic Applications

Olena Michailovna Klyuchko

7. Environmental Protection

Kateryna Synylo, Andrii Krupko
Iryna Kravets, Liubov Sitnyanskych, Oleksandr Sitnik
The impact of aviation and rocket-space technology on the ozone layer: causes of destruction and recovery methods PDF
Iryna Bida, Anastasia Kononenko, Viktoriа Prokopchuk, Maryna Savchuk, Liusia Teleniuk, Vasyl Vasilievich Horupa
Input data for aircraft noise measurements and modeling PDF
Kateryna Ivanivna Kazhan

9. Aviation Chemmotology

Aviation Fuel Supply Technological Equipment’s Protection from Static Electricity PDF
Serhii Puzik, Vladimir Kurilov, Andriy Varenyk, Petro Lypovenko
Thermo-kinetic model for assessment of durability of contact surfaces under lubricating PDF
Natalia Kichata, Oksana Mikosianchyk, Rudolf Mnatsakanov, Irina Jakymez
Valerii Iefymenko, Evgenii Novoselov, Antonina Kustovska, Nataly Atamanenko, Olexander Iefimenko
Additives to the diesel fuel on the basis of petroleum acids PDF
Olena Kosenko, Antonina Kustovska, Viktoria Gorstka

10.1. International economic cooperation of Ukraine in the aviation and space fields

Ukraine in the International Ranking “Doing Business” PDF
Halyna Kuzmenko
The impact of business aviation on the economy of Europe PDF
Kateryna Antonenko, Diana Koriava
Opportunities for integration of aircraft and spacecraft industry into global value chain PDF
Oksana Mykolaivna Kushnirenko, Olga Stanislavivna Zarudna

10.3. Information and legal foundations of international relations

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as a major component of the geo-economic strategy of the People’s Republic of China PDF
Leonid Leonidovych Kyianytsia
The problems of improvement of legislation of Ukraine in combating human trafficking PDF
Yana Kota
Model Research on Ningbo – CEEC Scientific and Technological Exchange and Cooperation PDF
Vitaliy Klobukov, Wang Bo, Hu Danjuan

10.4. The aviation and the tourism

Strategies of modern airlines that can attract new customers PDF
Vladyslava Yeremeieva, Radmila Krapyva

11. Economics and Management in Aviation

Strategy of inter-industry cooperation "Aviation - Tourism - Cultural Heritage" PDF
Nataliia Vitalievna Kasianova, Tamilla Volodymyrivna Palyvoda
Economic Nature of Air Transportation Market PDF
Viktoriya Viktorivna Klymenko
Air cargo supply chain safety in international transport corridors (ITC) PDF
Volodymyr Antonovych Kulyk, Volodymyr Yefremovych Marchuk, Oksana Vasylivna Ovdiienko
Methodology for assessing the quality of air passenger service PDF
Tatiana Viacheslavovna Kniazieva, Tetiana Cherniavska
The Analysis of the Foreign Experience of the Aircraft Engineering Enterprises Transformation PDF
Olena Ihorivna Klimova, Serhii Frantsevych Smerichevskyi
Ways of improvement of the state policy of safety of civil aviation PDF
Olga Kychan
Education competencies for lifelong learning PDF
Veronika Evgenivna Komandrovska, Nataliya Ushenko

12. Transport Technology and Logistics

Modern tendencies of development of systems of self-service of passengers at airports PDF
Liudmyla Biliakovych, Olena Kharchenko, Oleg Biliakovych

13.1 Language modeling of aviation information systems

Human Factor in Translation of Aviation Scientific and Technical Literature PDF
Gabriele Simoncini, Tetiana Zhuravel, Nataliia Khaidari
Language Aspect In Training Aviation Specialists PDF
Iryna Stepanivna Kozeletska, Natalia Ivanivna Balatska, Iryna Valeriivna Borets, Natalia Hryhorivna Denysenko
aeronautical symbols in hart crane`s poems PDF
anna kolisnychenko
Translation procedures, strategies and methods of aviation terminology PDF
Galyna Yencheva, Olha Katerna

13.2 Psychology of aircraft safe operation and modern ergatic systems

Male-Female differences in Aviation (with focus on incidents/accidents) PDF
Svitlana Miroshnyk, Olena Kovtun
Entropy methods of human factor analysis applied to the problem of safety of aviation PDF
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kasianov, Andriy Viktorovich Goncharenko
Innovative models of the university education system (international practices) PDF
Anzhelika Mykolaivna Kokarieva, Elvira Vasylivna Luzik
Anti-stress System Support for Ensuring Reliability of Flying Activities PDF
Vasyl Pavlovich Korotkov
Responsibility for the Personal Health as Factor Of Reliability of the Future Airspecialist PDF
Natalia Orlenko, Svitlana Orgeeva, Victoria Khachatryan, Volodymyr Koroty

13.3 Social, political, moral and psychological components of aviation safety. Human factor management.

Tetiana Sergiivna Klynina, Olga Andriivna Yurchenko, Iryna Valentynivna Boginskaya
Main trends in the development of world civil aviation PDF
Oksana Viktorovna Ilienko, Oleksii Volodimirovich Klochkivskyi
The role of the suggestive technologies in the educational process of future aviators PDF
Svitlana Vasylivna Kharytska, Nataliia Viktorivna Glushanytsia

15. Air and Space Law: International and National Issues of Security

Ensuring the Safety of International Civil Aviation as a Main Principle of International Air Law PDF
Khrystyna Kmetyk, Svitlana Vyshnovetska
Legal Regulation of mergers and acquisitions of aviation industry PDF
Valentina Petrovna Kozyreva
Features of criminal liability for fulfilling professional duties by a crew member or air traffic control dispatcher while being intoxicated or under the influence of narcotic or psychotropic substances PDF
Vladislav Kubalskiy, Kseniya Braslavets
Problems of realization of the right to compensation in case of flight delay PDF
Natalia Khotsianovska

17. ICAO Safety Strategies

Some aspects on the assurance of air cargo security PDF
Oleksandr Kirichenko

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