Конференції Національного Авіаційного Університету, AVIATION IN THE XXI-ST CENTURY 2020

Розмір шрифту: 
monitoring system
Євген Зайцев

Остання редакція: 2021-02-08


This paper, a review of the considers the basis for constructing of the avionics faults monitoring system with hybrid electro-optic capacitive sensors for mechanical parameters measurement. The analysis of requirements for mechanical parameters of aircrafts, the change of which is characterized by mutual displacement of aircrafts structural elements was conducted. The use of hybrid fiber-optic sensors (HFOS) of aircraft mechanical parameters for constructing the measuring systems of avionics is proposed. It is shown that HFOS contain a fiber-optic for transmitting the measured information as well as traditional sensors as sensitive elements. This sensor combines the advantages of fiber optic and microelectronic technologies. Fiber optic it’s key feature is that both the transmission data and power required for the embedded microelectronics are provided by optical fiber access. It is proposed to use capacitive sensors for HFOS, which provide high metrological characteristics and noise immunity


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