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Proceeding of The Ninth World Congress “AVIATION IN THE XXI-st CENTURY - Safety in aviation and space technology'' (title) PDF (English)
Roman Gazdiuk

* 1.1. Automation and energy saving on aviation transport

Static and dynamic mathematical model of capacitance micromechanical accelerometer PDF (English)
Valerii Fedorovich Hraniak
CART-tool for the mathematical modeling of control system of the aviation engine PDF (English)
Serhii Tovkach
Observations of LED side lights at the stage of visual piloting PDF (English)
Yuliia Kvach

* 1.2. Modern technologies of aircrafts airworthiness support

Application of fiber-optic sensors for the aircraft structure monitoring PDF (English)
Ruslan Zakirov, Fefuza Giyasova
Quasicrystalline Al–Cu–Fe and Al–Cu–Co alloys for corrosion-resistant protective coatings PDF (English)
Olena Viktorovna Sukhova
Monitoring system with hybrid mechanical sensors networks: Architectural and functional design PDF (English)
Євген Зайцев
On the approach to quality, reliability and safety of aviation engineering systems PDF (English)
Rinat Salimov, Volodymyr Maksymov, Olena Yurchenko
Influence of the human factor in the aircraft and its components continuing airworthiness system PDF (English)
Iryna Savchenko, Svitlana Grynyuk, Zakhar Kolomiiets, Alexandr Popov
Technological aspects of reliability control of aviation tribomechanical systems PDF (English)
Oleksand Dukhota, Oleksanr Popov, Oleksandr Yakobchuk
Hybrid functions entropy doctrine for operational effectiveness: theoretical aspect PDF (English)
Andriy Viktorovich Goncharenko
Entropy conditions for human factor conflicts development PDF (English)
Andriy Viktorovich Goncharenko, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kasianov

* 1.3. Aircraft design and strength

Application of polymeric-composite materials in the construction of nacelle and tail beam of pseudo satellite PDF (English)
Mykhailo Matiychyk

* 1.4. The latest tribotechnology in aviation and general engineering

Tribological behaviour of VT22 titanium alloy after surface hardened treatments PDF (English)
Sergii Lavrys, Iryna Pohrelyuk, Oleg Tkachuk
New heat resistant cobalt and nickel based sintered alloys strengthened by titanium carbide PDF (English)
Oleksandr Tisov
Evaluation of accuracy of the block method for calculation of life of cylindrical gears with height teeth correction PDF (English)
Myron Chernets, Anatolii Kornienko, Juriy Chernets, Vladimir Melnik
Investigation of the influence of teeth correction of worm gear with involute worm on contact parameters, wear and life PDF (English)
Myron Chernets, Juriy Chernets, Svetlana Fedorchuk

* 1.5. Engines and Power Installations

Modelling of the isodromic rotation frequency controller PDF (English)
Юрій Антонович Климентовський, Едуард Петрович Ясиніцький, Андрій Дулєпов
Temperature gradient problem for a two-stage blade of a three-circuit engine PDF (English)
Liubov Markovska
Сomparative analysis of methods for increasing the fuel efficiency of gas turbine plants on the basis of aircraft gas turbine engines PDF (English)
Ivan Hvozdetskyi
Thermocyclic fatigue and destruction of high pressure turbine blades in their critical sections PDF (English)
Yana Petruk

* 1.6. Intelligent robotic systems and measuring systems

Parameters of acoustic emission with variation of composite fracture speed by or and von Mises criterion PDF (English)
Sergii Filonenko
Methods for Improving the Accuracy of Nanomeasurements Using a Scanning Probe Microscope PDF (English)
Mariia Kataeva

* 2.1. Intellectual control system

Using of dialogue's clinical decision support system for treatment of lung cancer PDF (English)
Iurii Golovach
Methods of automatic correction of image parameters in computer vision systems PDF (English)
Andrii Dluzhevskyi
A frame-based approach for building an acceptable college training schedule based on the artificial bee colony algorithm PDF (English)
Oleksandr Ponomarenko

* 2.2. Computer systems and components

Characteristics of Categorized Latent Representations in Unsupervised Generative Learning PDF (English)
Serge Dolgikh
Chatbot for functionating application programing interface in the human operation training aviation complex PDF (English)
Georgiy Baranov, Iryna Gorishna, Olena Komisarenko, Rostyslav Gabruk

* 2.4. Civil aviation cybersecurity

Modern approach to cybersecurity of computer-integrated aviation systems PDF (English)
A Ilyenko, S Ilyenko, D Kvasha
Biometric technologies in Cybersecurity PDF (English)
O Vysotska, A Davydenko
Neurobiosensors and their possibilities of information signals coding PDF (English)
Олена Михайлівна Ключко, Денис Олександрович Навроцький, Олена Олегівна Колганова, Андрій Миколайович Миколушко

* 2.5. Mathematical modeling and numerical methods

Method of Numerical Simulation Flow on Rough Cartesian Calculation Grids PDF (English)
Vladislav Alexandrovich Sereda
Mathematical modeling and numerical realization of direct calorimetry problem PDF (English)
Petro Fyodorovich Zhuk, Luydmila Illicheva, Olga Gerasymchuk
Experimental estimation of Solar Stratospheric Platform power station equivalent chart parameters PDF (English)
Oleksii Mykhatskyi
Modeling an estimate for a parameter of a random diffusion process PDF (English)
Tetyana Avdeeva, Luydmila Illicheva
Parametric sensitivity functions as an instrument for the coordinates determining accuracy improvement in radio monitoring systems PDF (English)
Roman Pantyeyev
Юрій Андрійович Плаксій, Ірина Гомозкова
Quasi-linear viscoelastic model for randomly reinforced magnetorheological elastomers PDF (English)
Boris P. Maslov, Tetiana B. Maslova
Fundamental trigonometric interpolation and approximation polynomials and splines PDF (English)
Volodymyr Petrovych Denysiuk, Olena Vasylyvna Azarenko, Tetiana Anatolyivna Oleshko

* 3.1. Aeronavigation

Integration of decision-making methods to Decision Support Systems for flight dispatchers PDF (English)
Tetiana Shmelova
Deterministic and Non-Deterministic Decision-Making Modeling in Flight Emergencies "Gear problems" PDF (English)
Tetiana Shmelova
Aircraft’s risks modelling on visual piloting stage PDF (English)
Svitlana Deviatkina
Increasing the efficiency of satellite communication channels when outputting moving objects into the terminal space PDF (English)
Ismail Ali, Volodymyr Kharchenko, Roman Odarchenko

* 3.2. Unmanned Aerial Complexes

Ergodesign quality indicators of unmanned aerial vehicle systems PDF (English)
Владимир Петрович Харченко, Анатолий Львович Рубцов, Владимир Александрович Свирко
Technology of acoustic monitoring, detection and localization of objects in the controlled area PDF (English)
Volodimir Yuriyovich Taranuha, Yaroslav Mikolayovich Linder, Dmitro Oleksandrovich Volosheniuk, Artem Konstantinovich Sieriebriakov
Multipurpose intelligent unmanned aircraft system for detecting and tracking objects using elements of computer vision and artificial intelligence PDF (English)
Oleg Zykov, Volodymyr Kharchenko, Vitaliy Klobukov, Vsevolod Rjabokon

* 3.4. Automated control systems of technological processes and vehicles

MPPT Problem Solution for Solar-Rechargeable Aircraft PDF (English)
Denis Karabetsky, Victor Sineglazov
Comparative analysis of visual navigation systems PDF (English)
Vitalii Ischenko, Victor Sineglazov
Cross connections in helicopter active flight control system PDF (English)
Mykola Filyashkin
Limit Cycles in Nonlinear Stabilization Syste PDF (English)
Ablesimov Alexander
Thermal noise thermometer for conducive media PDF (English)
Mykola Vasylenko

* 3.5. Avionics and control of aircraft

Assessment of the glide slope entry quality and crew training methodology PDF (English)
Yurii Hryshchenko
Infrared Radiation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles PDF (English)
Алексей Александрович Чужа, Мария Алексеевна Чужа
prof PDF (English)
Valeriy V Chikovani
Peculiarities of exploiting integrated systems of fifth generation aircraft PDF (English)
Vitalii Korovkin

* 3.6. Electronics and telecommunications

Uniaxial Sun Tracking System PDF (English)
Vladislav Mykolayovych Korchan, Irina Vladimirovna Morozova
Optimisation tools for controlling biotechnological processes of biogas production PDF (English)
Felix Yanovsky

* 4.1. Environmental safety and aviation chemmotology

Microbiological contamination of alternative and hydrocarbon fuels. PDF (English)
Olena Matvyeyeva, Yuliia Vovk
Implementation of the Land Use Planning and Management Practices at Ukrainian Airports: Gaps and Lessons Learned PDF (English)
Olena Konovalova, Oleksandr Zaporozhets
Prospects for the production of fuel from microalgae in Ukraine PDF (English)
Анастасия Юрьевна Шипилова, Елена Львовна Матвеева
Aircraft Annual Noise Assessment In The Vicinity Of Airports From Shot-Term Measurements PDF (English)
Oleksandr Zaporozhets, Aleksandr Jagniatinskis, Marius Mickaitis, Boris Fiks
Aircraft noise monitoring and temporal measurements in vicinity of airports PDF (English)
Oleksandr Zaporozhets, Michał Bukała, Vadym Gulevets, Vitalii Gulevets, Andrzej Chyla
Using ADS-B Data for Airport Noise Mapping PDF (English)
Kateryna Ivanivna Kazhan
New approaches to the design of composite materials for shielding from ionizing radiation PDF (English)
Валентин Анатолійович Глива, Батир Данатарович Халмурадов, Ірина Матвєєва, Наталія Кічата
Modeling of hydrates forming process during natural gas drying when using 3S Separator at fueling stations systems PDF (English)
Kostіantyn Ivanovych Kapitanchuk, Мuhаilo Petrovych Andriyishyn, Nazar Myhailovych Andriyishyn

* 4.2. Biotechnologies and biomedical engineering

The role of bioenergy in Europe PDF (English)
Olena Kuznietsova

* 5. Workshop "Perspectives for the Aeronautical Research in Europe"

The role of Climate Change Levy schemes in aviation decarbonization by 20250 PDF (English)
Rosa Arnaldo Valdes, Victor Fernando Gomez Comenddor
Gender equality potential in aviation PDF (English)
Quaiela Costa, Joana Soares, Ana Costa
ACARE environmental goals need for change PDF (English)
Oleksandr Zaporozhets, Volodymyr Isaienko, Kateryna Synylo
The PARE project: pre and post covid-19 prospects PDF (English)
Luis Campos
New approaches of Sustainable Aviation Fuels PDF (English)
Renata Adami

* 6. Aviation Transport Management and Logistics

Aspects and development of cargo transportation by air, new solutions and structural changes in response to the crisis PDF (English)
Anna Ayrapetyan
Transportation logistics in the psychology of aviation of the XXI century PDF (English)
Halyna Loginova
Mathematical formalization of transport safety assessment PDF (English)
Марина Борисівна Янчук, Костянтин Валентинович Чередніченко

* 7.1 Urban, industrial, civil and transport construction

Teaching professional disciplines in English – a way to Europeanization of Ukraine higher education PDF (English)
Valerii Pershakov, Oleksandra Akmaldinova, Andrii Bieliatynskyi, Vitalii Burlay

7.2. Design of architectural environment

Sacred space formation in the airport complexes spatial organization PDF (English)
Liliia Romanivna Gnatiuk

* 8.1. Psychology of aircraft safe operation and modern ergatic systems

Psycho-emotional and intellectual components of air traffic controllers’ professional activity PDF (English)
Yuliia Yuriivna Pryshupa, Lesia Mykolaiivna Konoplianyk

10. Economics and Business Administration in Aviation

Tools for improving the strategic positioning of aviation enterprises in Ukraine PDF (English)
Nazarii Liskovych
Improving the comprehensive economic analysis of the airline's environmental sustainability PDF (English)
Tetiana Kniazieva
Improvement of environmental sustainability control of economic entities of the transport industry in Ukraine PDF (English)
Serhii Smerichevskyi
Neural networks application in the aviation industry PDF (English)
Nataliia Vitalievna Kasianova, Nadiia Oleksandrivna Ivanchenko, Dmytro Mykhailovych Kvashuk
Features of HR-analytics using modern data analysis methods PDF (English)
Olga Victorovna Polous
The Evaluation of Efficiency of the Information System about Tax Capacity of a Business Entity PDF (English)
Halyna Kuzmenko, Nataliia Shalimova

11.1. International economic cooperation of Ukraine in the aviation and space fields

Strategic priorities of Ukrainian aviation development within global economy PDF (English)
Svitlana Olexiivna Bila
Hydrogen economy and aviation PDF (English)
Александр Петрович Степанов
Foreign economic activity transforming in the aerospace sphere by the COVID-19 impact PDF (English)
Oksana Mykolaivna Kushnirenko, Olga Stanislavivna Zarudna

11.2. The transformation of journalism in the context of technologizing the world and the processes of globalization

Nataliia Bukina
Historic subject in the modern ukrainian advertising PDF (English)
Volodymyr Kravchenko, Yevdokija Kravchenko
the message informativeness from the standpoint of communication participants PDF (English)
Валентина Ивановна Шульгина, Татьяна Николаевна Колодич
Language deviations in journalistic texts PDF (English)
В’ячеслав Миколайович Васильченко
Features of coverage of information about human rights in journalistic materials PDF (English)
Антонина Анатольевна Иващук, Ирина Сергеевна Самосват

11.4. Aviation and tourism

Leadership styles in a modern travel agency PDF (English)
Oksana Berkova
The air travel during the coronavirus pandemic: crisis phenomena and directions for future development PDF (English)
Leonila Tkachuk
Виктор Степанович Сайчук
Bielousova Natalyya Vladimirovna, Lyubitseva Olha Alexandrovna, Skorostetska Olha Alexandrovna

11.5. Current Issues in International Relations

English for Specific Purposes as a Means of Metacompetencies Formation in the Context of Modern Economic Relations PDF (English)
Anna Vasylivna Sorokun, Tetiana Volodymyrivna Anpilohova, Olena Leonidivna Zheronkina
Key trends in foreign trade between Ukraine and Turkey PDF (English)
Inna Mykhalchenko
Environmental diplomacy as a form of cooperation between international actors PDF (English)
Svetlana Glibova

13. Management and Administration in the Aviation Industry

Key trends in the development of airports on the market of air transport services PDF (English)
Oleksii Yarmolyuk

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