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Application of fiber-optic sensors for the aircraft structure monitoring
Ruslan Zakirov, Fefuza Giyasova

Остання редакція: 2021-04-23


Aircraft Health Monitoring (AHM) has become a very important tool in modern commercial aircraft maintenance. One of the most important components of AHM is the aircraft structure health monitoring (SHM) which  allows you to diagnosemicrodamages and mechanical stresses in the aircraft structure by using of none-destructive test methods . This task is very important due to the widespread using of composite materials in the aircraftproduction  industry. This article proposes a method for implementing of SHM using fiber optic sensors integrated into a composite aircraft structure. Photodetectors for SHM system overview and it’s analysis also given.

Ключові файли

aircraft, structure, health monitoring, fiber-optic, Bragg grating


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