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Technology of acoustic monitoring, detection and localization of objects in the controlled area
Volodimir Yuriyovich Taranuha, Yaroslav Mikolayovich Linder, Dmitro Oleksandrovich Volosheniuk, Artem Konstantinovich Sieriebriakov

Остання редакція: 2021-02-09


Given article describes an algorithm for determining the distance to the sound source based on estimating the incoming sound power and frequency variations over distance. The audio signal is recorded using a group of four interconnected microphones. In practice, the precise distance to the sound source is often unknown, which motivates its estimation with the help of other input parameters, such as the incoming sound intensity and its time of arrival. Such approach makes it possible to use the algorithm in the necessity of observing moving or stationary objects, the visibility of which may be restricted.

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acoustic monitoring; sound source localization; controlled area


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